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You Are No


BY Emily Mahon

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Emily has her degree in Music, Vocal Performance and lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and two children where she shares her many talents with her community. She thrives on sharing ideas, supporting the arts, humanities and sciences, engaging in creativity and inspiring others to see and experience the world in new and fantastic ways.

You Are No Dragon

Freya and Iduna are powerful goddesses in Norse Mythology. Freya (sometimes referred to as Frigg) is the wife of Odin, the king of Azgard and traditionally known as the originator of the magic of the gods, with powers over the desires, health, and prosperity of others. Iduna, (also the name of Ana and Elsa' mother in Disney's Frozen) was a Norse goddess of eternal youthfulness whose golden apples kept the gods of Azgard forever young. This story is not a part of Norse mythology, yet uses the symbolism that each of these goddesses stand for to tell a story of transformation and rebirth...

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"You Are No Dragon" by Emily Mahon is a captivating tale that draws upon the rich symbolism of Norse mythology to explore themes of transformation and self-discovery. Although not directly derived from Norse mythology, the story weaves together the essence of two prominent goddesses, Freya and Iduna, to deliver a narrative brimming with magical elements and profound lessons.

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Talking about the title of the book, the title of the book is really so interesting to read. The book beautifully captures the essence of personal growth, highlighting the importance of self-acceptance and the transformative nature of love and trust.

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